getting started quickly with Webmachine</h3>

Make sure that you have a working Erlang/OTP release, R12B5 or later (Preferably MUCH later).

A rebar3 template is provided for users quickly and easily create a new webmachine application.

$ mkdir -p ~/.config/rebar3/templates
$ git clone git:// ~/.config/rebar3/templates
$ rebar3 new webmachine your_app_here

Once a new application has been created it can be built and started.

$ cd your_app_here
$ rebar3 release
$ \_build/default/rel/your_app_here/bin/your_app_here console

The application will be available at http://localhost:8080.

To make this resource handle URI paths other than /, add more dispatch terms in /tmp/mywebdemo/priv/dispatch.conf; to make that resource to more interesting things, modify the resource itself at /tmp/mywebdemo/src/mywebdemo_resource.erl.</p>

To learn how to do more interesting things, check out some examples or read more documentation.